Dear Sir,
I wish to reassure residents in the Williamfield Way area of Aycliffe West, some of whom are justifiably aggrieved by the recent one-sided portrayal of their community in both local and regional media, that coordinated direct action involving the Neighbourhood Police, DCC Neighbourhood Warden Service and livin’s Community And Intervention Team to tackle the unacceptable behaviour of a tiny minority in their midst is ongoing.
Regrettably, community initiatives which Dorothy Bowman knew about before instigating the interviews, such as the upcoming Western Area Group partnership walkabout led by livin to look at potential estate improvements went unmentioned, as did the joint DCC/livin procedures to deal with absentee landlords who refuse to act decisively when their tenants’ antisocial and criminal behaviour, or the unkempt appearance of their properties, is brought to their attention – issues around which responsible householders who take pride in their surroundings rightly voice concern.
Whilst Dorothy’s work in the community is commendable and however well intentioned her motives, it is disappointing that she chose to draw media attention to the area in a cavalier fashion that offers little to encourage community participation in local events and activities.
Our message to Aycliffe West residents in general is that nobody has to put up with antisocial behaviour. If you wish to talk to someone about any issue that adversely affects your right to live in a safe, harmonious and pleasant environment but are unable to attend your local Residents Association or PACT meetings, you can contact the DCC Antisocial Behaviour Team on 0300 260 000 or, for non emergency situations, Durham Constabulary on 101.
Details of behaviour classed as antisocial are available via the Residents link on the homepage of the DCC website.
Cllr Kate Hopper
DCC Aycliffe West Division