Dear Sir,
Reference deletion of Policy H7 (S.B.C Local Plan)2007, by W.J.Mellors under headline: “Old Plans For Eldon Whins Scrapped”.
The Policy H7 was a PHASING POLICY listing conditions as to when Eldon Whins could and would be developed.Deletion of Policy H7 removed those inhibitions from the development of Eldon Whins as a Housing Site.
The Policy for developing Eldon Whins, and other sites in the former Sedgefield Borough is Hl. Sites listed as Policy H2.
The point was, that Eldon Whins is part of development within the Planned Boundaries of Newton Aycliffe TOWN.
Copies of Policies Hl, H2 and H7 are with the Editor for evidence showing ELDON WHINS AS A PART OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF NEWTON AYCLIFFE.
Copies of the validity of the S.B.C LOCAL PLAN as a “Saved Plan”, by direction of the Secretary of State are given along with a copy of the Planning Approval for Housing on Woodham Golf Course, 20th November 2012, DCC,PP,l-4.which details that validity in the Planning Approvals.
The S.B.C. Local Plan was NOT scrapped, and it is still a valid reference by Order of the Secretary of State in 2004 also in the North East Plan – Regional Spatial Strategy to 2021.
Donald Fraser
Editor: Copies of the above references have been left with me and are available for inspection.