Dear Sir,
The European Elections that take place on Thursday 23rd May 2019 could be our last chance of getting our failing democracy to implement the will of the democratic majority; Brexit!
The two party system is broken. Democracy for a large majority of our politicians is to lie in their manifesto to get elected and then to change your mind when safely elected for 5 years. A plague on all your houses!
The only way to save our democracy is to set aside national politics and vote for UKIP. However, if you are gullible enough believe the Labour / Momentum name-calling and mud-slinging at UKIP, you can vote for Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party (it is so new that the political correct brigade have not had enough time to get their lies to stick!) These are the only alternatives for Leave supporters and, more importantly, former Remain supporters who wish to see democracy prevail.
The new ‘Change Party’ stands for ‘more of the same’. it was founded by deserters from the two main parties who decided that they did not want to implement their Party’s manifesto that got them elected. They have refused to resign their seats and try to get re-elected. They spurn democracy. They will disappear at the next election when democracy catches up with them.
The Green party’s idea of democracy is to have the undemocratic E.U. pass laws to stop ‘Climate Change’. These, our Parliament will have to squander billions of pounds on without a snowball-in-hell’s chance of achieving anything!
That leaves the Liberal Democrats. Very few people have ever voted for them! Personally I cannot vote for a party which has supported policies which are at odds with the beliefs of most of the world’s major religions. Also, they are the only party that is so misguided to believe that we are actually better-off remaining in the E.U. They have buried their head in the sand.
If our politicians get away with lying to the electorate again, then our Parliamentary Democracy is dead, and some unsavoury people will resort to undemocratic means to enforce Brexit.
Please vote for a Leave party and save our democracy.
Yours Sincerely,
Alastair P. G. Welsh