Polam School was the venue on Wednesday for two interesting Dementia Friends information sessions.
Ron and Joan Mitchie Chairman and Secretary of GACAP (Great Aycliffe Community Aid Partnership) were both privileged to talk to two groups of 14 young  people between 15-17 years plus two staff members and share with them about becoming  Dementia Friends.
It was straight in at the deep end for Ron as he had just finished his Dementia Friends Champion Information Session the previous day
The youngsters came from all walks of life but were attentive to everything that was said. Everyone there accepted the opportunity of becoming Dementia Friends.
Dementia is sweeping our society and little is known by most people about what it is like to live in the community with this illness. Ron and Joan are happy to speak to any organisation who want to know more about dementia and becoming a Dementia Friend.
Just email us on ronmitchie@gmail.com and we will be happy to contact you. Ron as Chairman of  GACAP said “we are aware of many areas of need and welcome people who have a heart for their community and to help people who are in need of support. If your group/organisation would like to know more about GACAP contact Joan on secretary.gacap@gmail.com