Aycliffe Village has joined other communities in the Newton Aycliffe area to have access ‘24/7’ to an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). Thanks to Marny Dolan for approaching the NHS who donated the device. Next where should it be situated? Councillor Blenkinsopp put it to the Village Hall committee who agreed to the installation and paid the cost. All that was needed was a cabinet.

The recently formed Residents Association enquired if a music event could be arranged in The Royal Telegraph. Vicki Craggs (Landlady) agreed and even suggested a Christmas raffle. Thanks to the regulars, a great evenings entertainment by the house band ‘The Telegraphters’ and a very generous donation by a local businessman, enough money was raised to purchase a quality unit.

Expert assistance was given by David Sutton-Lloyd. David informs us that now almost 70% of the local area is covered.

The residents association is currently in need of a treasurer. If you live in the village, can spare a few hours a month and would like to assist in improving the village, contact the chair person on 07446 396388 or message on our Facebook page.

Photo: Bill Blenkinsopp, Vicki Craggs, Marny Dolan, David Sutton-Lloyd