Dear Editor While walking though the Burn with my son and dog I came across what looked like a make-shift camp site where someone had a bonfire and as you’ll see from the wine bottle and can which there was a few more scattered about, some people had been having a good time on a summer night. While this can be fun I would just like to point out the hazards of doing this at this time of year. 1. the ground is very dry. 2. This is a heavy wooded area with lots of very
large trees. 3. If an accidental fire were to break out it would be very difficult for the fire brigade to access this area.

All I’m asking is please don’t light fires in woodland or any grassed area at this time of year as you could be putting yourself and others in serious harm if you don’t ensure the fire is put out. Dry leaves and grass catch fire and spread extremely quickly and leaving glass bottle about not only end up getting smashed but if the sun gets hot enough it can start a fire by reflecting the sun, putting everyone in danger. The firemen would need to reach the area and local residents may have to leave their homes until it was safe to return. Please stay safe this summer and remember every action has a reaction. I removed the bottle and cans and disposed of them in the bin about 20 feet away. Sally Symons Town Councillor