Dear Sir,

I would like to thank the couple who stuck up for my son in Boots, Newton Aycliffe on the morning of Thursday 18th July. My son may be 19 years old and 6 foot 3 inches tall, but he has Aspergers and struggles in crowded spaces (noise sensory overload etc.), but had offered to go to Boots and collect something I had on order at the pharmacy section of the store.

The woman behind the counter in Boots laughed and made fun of my son, due to the fact he couldn’t pronounce the item and then other staff joined in.

The couple who came to my sons aid told the staff to stop and refused to be served by the woman who initiated the scene.

Can I please remind people that we are all different and we all have different things every day and we need to treat everyone with kindness, care and compassion.

After my son returned home, I went straight back to the store, cancelled my order and had a blast with the manager – I was absolutely disgusted.

My son was distraught and took a few hours to regain calmness. Needless to say I can now understand why people shop online and not in store.

But a huge thank you to the couple for being my sons voice when he couldn’t find his.

Thank you.

Name & address supplied

Response from Boots

“We are sorry to hear about this as we always want our customers to feel good in our stores. We have been in contact with the family to let them know we are looking into this and to understand how we can offer a better experience in the future.”

Boots UK Spokesperson