On 4th and 5th July, four athletes from CrossFit All Out took part in the British Championships at Lee Valley Athletics Centre in London, with a coach load of supportive members travelling down to cheer them on!
Each athlete gave it their all and they have done unbelievably well, given that CrossFit All Out is only 18 months old and the athletes were competing against some top level CrossFit athletes.  The results were: Joe Allinson 26th, Tez Anderson 28th, Yasmine Meite 52nd, and Kelly Jones 79th
CrossFit All Out delivers strength and conditioning group programming and coaching which is fully scalable to any level of ability.  The programme is designed to enable elite athletes to progress in strengths and weaknesses, whilst also delivering undeniable results for clients looking to generally improve their fitness.
Photos from the event can be viewed at: facebook.com/thebritishchampionships
photos: (handstand hold)  (sprint) (olympic lift)  (olympic lift)

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