On Saturday 20th July, 6 teams from CrossFit All Out battled it out throughout the day at The Glacier Games. This was a team event, consisting of 4 individuals in each team; 2 males and 2 females. There were 3 divisions, based on the ability of the athletes in each team.

The day started out pleasant with a little sunshine, however the weather soon took a turn for the worst, and the teams found themselves participating in 3 workouts in the pouring rain. The first workout involved finding a one rep maximum weight for 4 deadlifts, 4 hang clusters and 4 overhead lunges. The second workout consisted of sprints, ski and bike erg calories, bar muscle ups, pull ups and rope climbs.

The third involved 2 athletes accumulating calories on the rower, whilst the other 2 athletes worked through 20 syncro deadlifts, a sprint to the wall, 10 burpees over the wall and lunges back to the start (on minute 7 and minute 14 all athletes also had to run 400m).

RX Category

Team The Birds and The Beards – Becky Auton, Chris Knight, Claire Dale, Michael Couch (9th Place) with a best finish of 5th place in WOD 2

Team Lightweights – Bex Shaw, Carol Mohan, Matthew Taylor, Tom Morgan (11th Place) with a best finish of 5th in WOD 3A

Scaled 1 Category

Team Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers – Adam Innes, Daniel Woolley, Janet Roote, Sophie Moffatt (30th Place) with a best finish of 7th in WOD 3A

Team Frantastic 4 – Danielle MCAlpine, David Little, Donna Dale, Matthew Bayne (44th Place) with a best finish of 29th in WOD 2

Scaled 2 Category

Team Random – Andrea Lynagh, Dave Cooke, Nicola Jacques, Zack Cooke (10th Place) with a best finish of 5th in WOD 3B

Team Don’t Do Double Unders – Josh Burlison, Marie Levitt, Sophie Bentley, Troy Hemmings (12th Place) with a best place finish of 8th in WOD 1.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, 2 athletes from 2 of the teams had to drop out during the event, however both Frazer Macintosh and Phil McAlpine (members of All Out) who were spectating that day stepped up to the challenge and took the places of the athletes, so that their teams could carry on competing that day.

Frazer joined team Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers and Phil joined team Frantastic Four, both wearing borrowed items of kit from the other athletes. They did an excellent job at stepping in for the other All Out members.

Head Coach Terry Anderson said, “another great event in Gateshead which members enjoyed as both participants and supporters. The commitment from these athletes to continue competing outside, in heavy rain, is impressive and shows the kind of character that it takes to truly enjoy the sport of CrossFit, no matter what obstacles arise. Credit to those who jumped in last minute to replace members that couldn’t compete. We had some fantastic results on the day and are proud of everyone who took part.”