This is Tony and Elaine, they are patients of Butterwick Hospice in Bishop Auckland.
A couple of months back they both started to draw on small plastic pebbles, claiming that it was a relaxing and therapeutic activity.
As the creative juices continued to flow, they then moved up to larger stones, creating all sorts of designs, including sea creatures, animals and unique patterns.
It then wasn’t long before they were then getting design requests from staff, patients, families and friends, so they decided to sell them in order to make donations to the Hospice.
So far they have raised an amazing £50 from work they have carried out within their time here, and they are now encouraging other patients to join in the fun.
They are now looking for new ideas for crafts, so if anyone can donate anything to the Hospice which can then be used to create new arts, this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot you two, we really appreciate the effort you have put in!

butterwick creative