Councillors are being asked to approve a new plan that sets out to make cycling and walking for everyday journeys a part of County Durham’s culture.
Durham County Council’s Cabinet will be asked to adopt the Strategic Cycling and Walking Delivery Plan for County Durham 2019-2029 when it meets on Wednesday, 16 January.
The ten year plan, which looks at active travel rather than recreational cycling and walking, focuses on making all cycling networks in the county safe, accessible and well maintained. It seeks to encourage more people, across all demographic groups, to take up cycling or walking for everyday journeys to improve the quality of people’s lives, health and fitness.
Cllr Carl Marshall, Durham County Council’s Cabinet member for economic regeneration, said: “As part of our aims to attract investment in County Durham we need to think about the way we travel. We have already made such positive progress over the past few years but now it’s time to really make the county known for being a walking and cycling friendly place. This plan allows us to set out the vision of what we’re going to achieve over the next ten years and how we’re going to do it.”
If approved the Strategic Cycling and Walking Delivery Plan for County Durham will supersede the Cycling Strategy 2012-15, and set out a long-term local approach to deliver against the government’s ambitions to make the UK a cycling and walking nation, as established in the Department for Transport’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy.
Cllr Peter Brookes, Durham County Council’s cycling champion, added: “Making cycling and walking more convenient will encourage greater participation, which in turn will help to normalise them as everyday modes of transport. We must support this plan which promotes tolerance and understanding between all highway users.”
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