Dear Sir,
I have read with bemusement the reply from DCC in a request for answers on the decision to remove lighting from the Great North Road A167. It is stated as impossible to find the numbers of people who replied to the consultation allegedly because such information is not recorded. The report read like a script from the hit TV series “Yes Minister” in which the highly educated Sir Humphrey Appleby the Civil Service mandarin used gobbledygook to try to hoodwink the right honourable Jim Hacker MP. The report repeatedly directs the reader to refer to question one, and indeed DCC policy is repeated parrot fashion in a Sat Nav type of answer: “Turn around when possible, turn left onto question one and you will have reached your destination”.
Seriously though if you do wish to know how many of the half million residents of County Durham replied positively to the consultation, use the web. Go to dcc lights public consultation exercise July 18th to September 26th  2013
Ken Robson