I believe passionately that people have a right to know what their local council is getting up to (and, additionally, a duty to engage), and I see it as one of my functions as a councillor to inform them of what is going on. This is the thinking behind my blog (on bit.ly/JDClare), my ‘County Newsbits’ column in the Newton News, and my weekly 6pm ‘polite political discussion’ show, POLITICAL, on Aycliffe Radio every Sunday (bit.ly/PAR2019).

‘John D Clare – Councillor DJ’ is my latest attempt to take politics to people in a form they will enjoy and appreciate. Broadcast on Aycliffe Radio 4-6pm on Friday afternoon – first show Friday 12 April – it will be mainly about playing music … but its content will be about letting people know what is going on locally in the Council and Community.

A parallel facebook page will allow people to interact with the show, to ask questions and make comments (bit.ly/jdccdj).

John D. Clare