Dear Sir,
I would like you to print a story regarding how on the 20th February a Durham County Council recycle truck hit my car at 8.50am and the driver did not stop or leave a message.
I contacted the Council who made enquiries and I filled in a form for the accident and returned it to Des Hunt.  I also involved the police and contacted my own insurance company.
I have considerable damage to my car wheel arch bent in past my tyre and pictures can be supplied. The driver denies hitting my car despite neighbours saying it was the only vehicle in the cul-de-sac at that time.
I was told by Zurich the Council’s insurer they were waiting on CCTV from the vehicle for over a week and when I requested a copy of CCTV I was told they are not equipped with them so why did it take over a week to tell Zurich that?
The tracker confirms the vehicle was in street at that time so how can they treat people like this?
We have a small income and I have never claimed on insurance for 17 years and my car has not even been examined by Zurich. They say they need time to prove the Council did not do it, but in my opinion that is disgusting.
We are an honest family just trying to get by and ask the council to take responsibility and stop hiding behind insurance companies. Please put my car back to its condition before your wagon hit it!
Michael Vickers
The Council have replied saying they cannot comment while this is being investigated


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