Dear Sir,,
After reading the letter by E.Bramham that you have printed this week with a headline of ‘A DOG OFF A LEAD IS OUT OF CONTROL’, I’m starting to believe that you have an agenda against dogs being off a lead.
I yet again feel that I have to direct you to as a dog off a lead is NOT legally regarded as being out of control!
And I also feel that I have to direct you to as the only public areas where it is a legal requirement to keep a dog on a lead is when there is a Dog Control Order in place and I believe there is none of those bylaws currently covering any area within Newton Aycliffe.
As a responsible owner of a very friendly Rottweiler, I walk with my dog mostly off a lead, if she was not friendly towards people she would be muzzled and kept on a short lead permanently in public places.
When you printed a tall tale of an imaginary Leash Law that was in force in Newton Aycliffe earlier this year, you later failed to correct your propaganda and in turn, do you not think you have helped to cause E.Bramham’s confusion and delusion on this matter?
Yours in disbelief,
Jeremy Crawforth.
Ed: Whilst there is no leash law, most readers seem to think if a dog is not on a leash it is by definition out of control of the owner.
As recent cases have proven a pet can turn nasty for no apparent reason and with fatal results.