As your newly elected Conservative councillors we would like to thank the people of Aycliffe North and Middridge for placing their trust in us. As new councillors we have to go through an induction process at County Hall over the next few weeks but as soon as we are through this we will be working on your behalf. Our new official Councillor contact details are below and should be used instead of the email and phone numbers on campaign literature you may have. The Facebook page will continue though being Paul and Scott, Conservatives for Aycliffe and Middridge.

Our intention is to work with other Councillors where we agree with them but to provide robust challenge where we (or you) don’t. Once we have completed our induction we will arrange opportunities for hearing your issues but if you need us before then please call, email or Facebook message us. Paul Howell –
(07827 307833) Scott Durham – (07827 307571)