Dear sir,

I was so pleased to receive a free large glossy sheet of cat litter tray lining through my letter box last week, I knew immediately that it was meant for that purpose, as it was full of “c**p” to start with.

Although my cat, Charlie, was sat cross legged desperately waiting for his new litter tray lining, I did manage to read some of the garbage spouted by Lib ‘Un’democratic campaigner Mick Stead.

I was very annoyed when I read the heading – ‘Tory Councillors Should Resign’.

I feel I should point out that it is not unusual or disallowed for someone to serve on two councils at the same time, where as some of our county and town councillors are not even capable of doing a proper job serving one council.

You will find Durham and Darlington Conservative Councillor, Paul Howell, very capable of doing both jobs and very active in our Newton Aycliffe community as well as donating a substantial amount each month from his own money to support my charity (along with Cllr Arun Chandran).

Paul Howell does not seek any publicity or recognition for doing this. I hope he doesn’t mind my expose, but I think the community should know he is the only councillor that has helped Honest John’s in this way.

Thank you Cllr Paul from all supporters of John’s Aycliffe Community Kitty.

I wonder how many other residents noticed that the leaflets were produced in the south of England, so this LOCAL candidate does not even support the local economy and prefers to put work out of the area.

Yours sincerely

Honest John

PS: Lib Undemocratic – with their number 1 party policy to scrap Brexit without a referendum are the last bunch you should vote for anywhere at any time.