18th October – 1st of November 2019

An art festival will be taking place across Consett this Autumn. Conny began in 2017 as a small-scale project based in Consett’s YMCA (Now Delta North). It was founded by local artists Elaine Robertson from Consett and Ellen Ranson from Tow Law.

Conny aims to provide a platform for local people to develop their work. Spaces such as the park, cafes, shop windows and classrooms will be transformed to host free exhibitions, performances and workshops.

‘We want to celebrate our community and the people who make it. There’s so many fantastic groups and creative individuals in our area. We want to highlight their work and connect more people to the arts in a way which is accessible, engaging and exciting.’

For more information see www.connyarts.com or follow @connyartfest on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter