Get Free Taster Sessions at your local Community Centre with an experienced, qualified tutor and the friendly Community Learning Champions support team. Support and funded by Great Aycliffe Middridge Partnership AAP.
The Course aims to help those with little or no computer experience, lose their fear and cope with the basic skills needed to start using one. Above all, to learn new skills in a fun environment.
AGNEW COMMUNITY CENTRE Starts Wednesday 18Th September 2013 To 9Th October 2013 –  2pm to 4pm.
Learn to Switch on/off, be aware of the options of hibernation and stand-by, use a mouse/touch-pad to click, right-click, double click and drag, set mouse properties.
Open and close Open Office Writer, use Open Office Writer to do some word processing, change font, size, text alignment, bold, italic, underline, indent, and Use Edit – Undo appropriately.
Navigate the Internet using Web addresses and clickable links.
Explore aspects of the Internet and locate information.
Explore the Internet safely but be aware of some of the risks.
Use a search engine to locate information required.
For more information, contact either Ron Mitchie on 01325 321504  or David Sutton-Lloyd on 01325 316144 or ask at the Centre.