The two ladies who ran the Virtual London Marathon on Sunday were Nicola Ingman and Steph Colvin. Both keen runners competing in various races, but neither had ran the marathon before. Obviously in these strange and difficult times a lot of events have been totally cancelled, so when they read about the London Marathon going “virtual” they decided to give it a go. Entry was as normal via email and the organisers still sent out numbers to wear on the day.

The “course” was a one-mile loop from Roman Showers, around past ROF 59, turning in down to Finley Structures. Nice and flat, and not too many obstacles. Obviously, there was none of the normal aid stations for drinks etc, so a car was strategically parked and loaded with goodies to keep the girls going. In fact, it was only the thought of sugar loaded snacks for them round the last few laps.

Plenty of people honked and waved their support, and a security guard in a local business watched every lap, offering verbal support and drinks!

The time was a little under five and half hours, but at least half an hour was stopping for sweets and drinks! London Marathon provided a tracking app, so both girls partners were able to be there at the end after watching the progress from home.

A glass of bubbly each at the finish capped off a remarkably bright day in some dark times.