Dear Sir,
I was interested in the article regarding commercial vehicles parking for days on end in laybys. As well as this, commercial vans are parking on residential roads for days on end.
Whilst people who drive the vans are entitled to holidays like the rest of us why should we all have to look at the eyesores of large vans parked in residential areas.
On a safety issue, these vans are usually parked with the majority of the van on the pavement and, as your previous letter writer said – this causes children and other pedestrians into the road and certainly people with pushchairs or wheelchairs have to deal with unnecessary distress up and down kerbs and indeed walking into the road.
Should not the companies who own these vehicles make provision for parking their vans in some other designated area and have some respect for others living in the community.
The police used to issue warning letters regarding the offence of parking on the pavement but these were never actioned and therefore were ignored after a couple of days.
The owners of these company vans and their drivers are doing no favours for their business reputation when they pay little respect for residents and visitors to the area.
Marion Waites