So you’re thinking about making some cocktails…?
Why do we make cocktails? Cocktails provide variety of taste, they are strong combinations of ingredients which provide for both variety of taste and fun but care should be taken to make them well. Consider the importance of both technique and presentation on programmes such as TGBBO and Masterchef. Whilst it’s important to stick to the recipe, but even if you do that, you are not going to win if it doesn’t look great. It’s all about attention to detail.
What do you need…
1. A shaker – At the Aviator we prefer Parisian or Boston shakers.
2. Strainer 1 – Hawthorn – does most jobs.
3. Strainer 2 – fine mesh – prevents muddled stuff getting into your
pretty cocktail.
4. Strainer 3 – julep – if you’re using one of these you don’t need to
read this!
5. Ice – avoid crushed ice on the whole except for certain options –
go for big bits of ice (crushed ice and smaller cubes melt quicker
so it dilutes the drink). Alternatively, use many small cubes in the
glass (which melts quicker – an iceberg or a snowball?).
6. Jigger – measure accurately. A measure is when the jigger is
completely full not just below the top.
7. A stirring glass or beaker. We use chemistry beakers – much
cheaper than formal stirring beakers and pretty tough too.
8. Glassware – the right glass for the right cocktail – it makes a
difference (Martini / Nick & Nora / Hiball / Rocks / Margarita /
9. Garnish – choose to do it well or just don’t do it.
10. Drink your cocktail whilst it’s laughing at you (i.e. whilst it is cold).
What’s a measure…..?
• ¼ measure = 6.25ml [One teaspoon = ~6ml]
• ½ measure = 12.5ml
• One measure = 25ml
• Two measures = 50ml
Top tips for cocktail making….
1. Use the best ingredients you can lay your hands on.
2. Measure accurately – it matters.
3. Chill your glassware.
4. Add cheapest ingredients to the shaker first (helps to avoid
expensive accidents).
5. Use good quality, large as possible, ice –
6. Shake hard – until there is frost on the outside of the shaker.
7. Use good glassware.
8. Garnish thoughtfully.
9. Squeeze fruit – no bottled stuff.
10. Stir or shake:
1. Stir – if your ingredients are clear.
2. Shake – if any ingredients are not clear
(it’s not the law – speak to 007…!)
Why can’t I open my shaker after shaking…?
Good news – it means you’re likely to be shaking well. If the shaker is difficult to open then you’ve shaken hard. It has cooled down the cocktail to sub-zero temperature (remember alcohol doesn’t freeze at zero degrees and ice from the deep freeze comes out at approx -19 degrees). As a result, the air trapped inside the container has been chilled sufficiently to reduce the pressure of the air inside the shaker. In other words you have made a partial vacuum.
Practice and technique allow for the shaker to be separated. However, if you’re using a boston shaker there’s a technique that is failsafe and we will publish soon.
Enjoy your cocktails – remember you can get cocktail boxes from us that give 4 cocktails per box to avoid spending big amounts of money.
The Herbal Gin Company