Dear Sir,

In their wisdom, Durham Labour controlled County Council have appointed Cllr. J.D. Clare as “Climate Change Champion” and he is now gracing the front page of D&S Times! His splurge which states that, “Extinction Rebellion must win”, appears to be based upon two simple beliefs:

1) That WE all contribute to climate change just by being alive, driving cars, and eating meat!

2) That DCC can influence climate change by encouraging us to die young, stop driving cars and become vegetarian.

I do not believe that my past or present lifestyle contributes one iota to Climate Change. Further, all recent Government attempts to throw money at the problem have only wasted money. Eg: the car scrappage scheme for petrol cars encouraged the use of diesel cars until it was decided diesel was a greater pollutant than petrol. Tony Blair’s ‘nice but dim’ street lights that don’t properly illuminate their surroundings. Ed Miliband’s increased electrical charges to finance so called, ‘Smart Meters’. Mine is in a cupboard. I switched supplier and it could no longer be used. Wind farms which increase our carbon footprint in steel making.

There are only two forms of Green Energy, Nuclear Power and Hydro-electricity. When it was decided to close Coal and Gas-fired power stations we should have increased our supply of Hydro-electricity and Nuclear Power and not wasted billions of pounds on subsidising expensive wind and solar power.

At the last election most political manifestos promised to plant more trees. I hope the current forest fires in Australia make our politicians re-assess their plans. The Australian fires must have pumped more carbon into the atmosphere than even the burning of oil wells in the Middle East as a result of Tony Blair’s illegal second Gulf War.

Cllr. Clare appears to think that allowing school children to ‘bunk-off’ school to demonstrate in support of ‘Climate Extinction’ is a good thing. He also appears to support the fact that Government Ministers who attended a Climate Change Conference were berated by the snarling 16 year old schoolgirl who is fronting-up Climate Extinction.

As can be seen from the Obituary for Sir David Bellamy, proper debate on Climate Change has not yet been held. When Sir David Bellamy described it as ‘poppy cock’ his access to the media was immediately curtailed. However, J.D. Clare and DCC clearly think that the argument has been won. It has not. Closing down free speech does not win an argument! Politicians can be voted out of office!

Stop wasting our money on job creation schemes in a vain, unilateral, attempt to stop climate change. Spend our taxes wisely on long term, proper, green energy projects and making our country climate change proof.

Yours Sincerely

Alastair P.G. Welsh