Sheila Allen retired from cleaning St Elizabeth’s Church, Woodham after 30 years service.
Sheila cleaned the church every week and had hoped to carry on doing this until this November when she would have been 80 years old and then step down, however, personal circumstances meant she has had to bring this date forward.
She enjoyed playing her part in contributing to the life of St. Elizabeth’s and the wider Parish of Great Aycliffe. After a change in Service times Sheila worshipped at St. Clare’s although she has always had a connection with St. Elizabeth’s and carried on cleaning as a way of giving to the Church.
Over the years Sheila has seen many change of vicars including David Frost, David Capron, David Paton Williams, Collin Jay, Roger Davies and the current vicar Julie Wing.
Sheila will miss coming to St. Elizabeth’s each week but, said she will always keep the congregation in her thoughts and prayers.

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