A production company are piloting a new competitive, classic car rebuild TV show called ‘Build It, Start It, Keep It’ for a major UK broadcaster, and they need contestants.

Have you and two mates got the basic mechanical skills to rebuild a car? If you can build it and start it before the other team do, you will get to keep it!

For the pilot, we are looking for contestants with a passion for classic cars such as Capri, BMW 3 Series (1st Generation), TR7, Spitfire, Opel Manta, MG BGT, Stag, Scimitar.

Do you have a personal story as to why you want to win the car? Do you want to win the car for a family member or friend? Are you outgoing and up for a challenge? Do you want to put your mechanical skills to the ultimate test by competitively rebuilding a car, head to head in one day?

Are you free for two days on the week of October 23rd? If so I’d love to hear from you, please email me a bit about yourself, your potential team and why you’d like to win the car.

Contact: ed@eastentertainment.tv