This new online shop, created by a mother daughter duo, with the goal to make your plastic free life easy and hassle free.

The Plastic Free Planet has been created to combat the fight against plastic pollution. Formed to encourage the purchase of plastic free products, ensuring no more plastic is being added into circulation around the planet.

The variety of plastic free products sold on this online shop are all UK based, warranting a reduced carbon footprint. This reduction comes from cutting down on the distance the products travel from their creation up to delivery to the customer.

When asked what resulted in the creation of The Plastic Free Planet, Georgia Windross, the co-founder, said “Through my own personal research, I have painstakingly found not all plastic free products are that, often non-recyclable plastic is used. On my search to finding affordable UK plastic free products for everyday use I quickly realised I wasn’t the only one searching for a website where all these products are readily available.”

This online shop provides a variety of products from a great team of suppliers all with similar environmental goals. This powerful team provides you with quality items that ensure you can easily incorporate plastic free products into your everyday life.

The sad truth is, if nothing is done now to reduce plastic waste the issue is only going to spiral further out of control. According to a new report on the future of the seas, ocean plastic is set to triple by 2025. This speaks the importance of this online shop, created to make changing to a plastic free lifestyle affordable and attainable for all people.