Dear Sir,
I don’t know if you are aware of this. Needing to go to one of the remaining shops in our town centre, and being a blue badge holder, I went to the disabled bays near the ramp, on the ground floor of the multi storey car park. Someone, presumably either the town centre owners or the town centre manager, has decided to close the door by the ramp, allegedly due to vandalism.
Surely these days we can come up with a better solution than just closing the door. The disabled persons trying to gain entrance to the centre are faced with a long walk to get in, or turn their cars around and go elsewhere. The shopkeepers must really appreciate the effect on footfall.
Peter Hardy

Response from Town Centre Management:
I fully understand and appreciate how frustrating these issues can be, however they do arise from time to time and as a centre we have to work around them as best we can and maintain public safety.
Access to the town centre is available from this car park via the alleyway between Aldi and Coffee Pronto which is flat and level and in addition we have a fully dedicated disabled car park on Greenwell Road opposite the Leisure Centre which provides ramp access via Beveridge Arcade to the main town centre.
I am sorry you had such a difficult experience but safety is our priority.