So Covid rules will be relaxed.

No masks if you choose, and that’s a fact.

You can go back to work,

Will staying at home make you feel a shirk?

No need to stick to protective bubbles,

No social distance, but be sensible, don’t huddle.

Going to a nightclub to have some fun,

But won’t that be a risk for the young?

Holidays abroad will still confuse,

Will it stay green if that country you choose?

We’re all playing a game of Russian Roulette,

Which some find exciting yet makes the vulnerable fret.

Don’t just think of yourself,

Please proceed cautiously for the sake of all health.

We’re not out of the woods yet,

The NHS still needs you to not forget,

The hard work and sacrifice that was given by so many,

For Covid’s stealth is like a Creeping Jenny!

MMK July 2021