Rose Lodge Care Home in Newton Aycliffe show they have the X Factor as a touching duet performed by a resident and care assistant for national competition Care Home Idol 2013 is getting significant attention online.
“Care Home Idol” is an annual competition to promote and celebrate entertainment in UK care homes and aims to challenge ageist stereotypes and show that many people in care homes live happy and fulfilling lives.
The competition is run by organisation The video has been attracting a lot of attention on the site with the view count already in the hundreds. Davina Ludlow, director of, said: “Gladys and Bev’s video is very touching and demonstrates the bond that a carer and a care home resident can mutually enjoy. Their video is exactly what Care Home Idol is all about, challenging ageist stereotypes and  showing the fun that happens in care homes. We wish Gladys and Bev the best of luck with the competition!”
The video entry from Rose Lodge Care Home sees 94 year old resident Gladys Stephens and Care Assistant Bev Temple sing a heart-warming duet of the classic Elvis song ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’. Other residents and care staff are seen cheering at the end of the video.
Star of the video, Gladys, said: “ Rose Lodge is a lovely home, myself and my family are all made welcome. I could not ask for a better place to be. There is always something going on in the home. Filming the video was great fun, We are always singing and having fun here.”
Karen Frew-McGill, manager of Rose Lodge Care Home, is delighted that the video has had such a good response from the local community as well as residents and families.
“Singing is a fantastic way for staff and residents to interact and relive memories together. Active engagement really brings people together. We believe it is important to offer our residents activities that will benefit their well being and keep them healthy and happy.”
“I personally think care home idol is a great and fun way to raise awareness of the positive aspect of living in a care home. Gladys and Bev’s friendship is an example of this. They are quite often singing and dancing in the home with the other residents. All too often care homes can be portrayed unfairly in the media so we thought this was a fantastic way to show the public what a caring and fun environment a care home can be.”
“Since recording the duet the residents have really enjoyed the excitement around the voting system and are becoming quite competitive! Gladys and Bev continue to entertain us all with their singing, I feel the warmth in their friendship really comes across in this video.”
The winners of the competition will be announced in April 2014 with the winning entries receiving a trophy and cash prize. For more information on the Care Home Idol and to see all the entries, please visit To watch and vote for Gladys and Bev’s performance please visit

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