Since Aldi opened Newton News has received numerous complaints over the strict parking arrangements at the store where customers have been issued with fines for overstaying the 1½ hours limit.

A number have appealed as they may have been only a minute or two over or unavoidably detained in the store itself-queuing! The manager is not able to deal with appeals as parking control is franchised to another company so the customer has to go through the long and stressful process of sorting the matter out themselves.

It is causing a lot of aggravation and many are deciding not to shop at Aldi and use Tesco instead where there is a more relaxed attitude. It is also pleasing to know the manager is available and there is a special customer services manager to deal with any queries.

The other problem is making contact with Aldi Head Office to make your protest. Like most large companies they make this very difficult causing peole to vent their anger with the company on facebook.

There you will find a string of angry customers from all over the country objecting to the fines for parking and calling on Aldi to review the policy. The local store manager should be able to cancel any doubtful parking infringement.

Newton News contacted Aldi’s press office for a statement asking them to provide an easy way to contact the company in a dispute. We received the following reply:

“We employ a car park management system at many of our stores to ensure free parking is available for our customers.

“At a number of stores, this system is managed by Parking Eye, although Aldi does not receive any revenue from any parking measures employed.

“Where customers feel they have received a fine unfairly, we recommend that they follow the Parking Eye appeals process that is clearly set out on the reverse of all communications issued by them, and on leaflets that are available in store.