Dear Sir,

In reply to the complaint over vans parking in streets: I don’t know where to buy pretty vans, all of my vans over the last 15 years are working vehicles, and not a pretty one in sight.

I have also paid good money for my home, pay my council tax, income tax, but I also have to pay corporation tax (van tax) so I pay quite a lot more than most people.

My vans are driven by different employees who live in different parts of the town, in parking bays or on their own estates.

I used to park on the main road but people complained it was too near the junction so now I park half on the road, half on the verge. I believe that as long as my vans are legal and are parked responsibly I do not need to explain my actions to anyone.

I have written to the Council asking for parking bays on the roadside. We pay one of the highest council taxes in the country, and if the council would spend some of our money on parking bays there will be enough room for van drivers to park hassle-free.

Phil Parsley