Dear Sir, I feel that I must respond to the Election Address for Paul Kjenstad in last weeks edition of The Newton News. The article lists his achievements as a Town Councillor since 2013 portraying him as “a very community spirited individual always listening to people and ready to help” I have to say that is not my opinion of a man who via a letter signed only as PK in your newspaper earlier this year tried to harm the town’s only Badminton Club.

His letter which described his experiences at their club night more than 2 ½ years ago where it was felt that sadly he was unable to compete to the required minimum standard. The club which has long been one of the most successful in the local league Badminton does need standards to flourish and they are not set particularly high. PK clearly wanted to derail the club’s efforts to attract new members with his criticism and only succeeded in showing himself as someone who still bears a grudge. I penned a response to his letter as the Secretary of Haughton Badminton Club in Darlington  and someone who often visits the Aycliffe Club for a good game most Friday nights.

You can imagine my reaction when I received a personal call from PK one Saturday evening criticizing my defence of the club. He was very quick to tell me that he was a local Councillor. It didn’t take me long however via the Town Council website to find the identity of PK. Darren Clarke