Counc. Kate Hopper

Dear Sir,
As stated in recently published letters on the former Elmfield School grounds, the school was demolished several years ago and the derelict site is now in urgent need of regeneration.
As a background, the Elmfield Action Group evolved from a funded West Ward Partnership project to pursue the possibility of establishing a purpose-built community centre at the heart of the Ward.
At the time, unlike other areas of the town and prior to the DCC 2012 boundary changes, no suitable premises to meet the evidence-based needs of the whole community could be identified.
Made up of volunteers, local elected councillors and representatives of partner organisations, the group’s main aim is to make the case for a modern, multi-function community building based on the site as part of a new housing development.
It is proposed the facility will host a variety of activities, courses and events to benefit all age groups, as well as providing improved access to vital services and advice delivered by various providers.
To date, a feasibility study of the site itself is in place and an initial local community consultation has been undertaken following a widespread survey of young people’s views
However, in order to progress the completion of a sound, comprehensive business plan, it is essential that residents both young and old alike who live in the immediate vicinity and wider neighbourhood come forward to show their support for the project.
To find out more or get involved, please get in touch.  Alternatively, visit the Elmfield Action Group facebook page to pledge your support or post your ideas and aspirations for your community. The group welcomes your views and looks forward to hearing from you.
Cllr Kate Hopper
Elmfield Action Group
Tel: 03000 268727