Dear Sir,
I am not telling people how to vote but, those living in Byerley Park, Horndale and Cobblers Hall area of the Town will get a vote shortly, to vote for new Councillors. My vote will go to Kane Shaw, the Labour Candidate, who is the best in my opinion to represent this area. He is young but will get the required support and training if elected.
Kane hopes to visit as many constituencies as possible but the by-election is a short time scale so he may not get around you all as this area is a large ward stretching from Burn Lane along Burnhill Way and including the Horndale, Byerley Park, The Chase and Greenfield estates.
I am supporting Kane who, although young, is doing something I have always believed in, which is getting young people involved, which I have done since my time as the Chair of Newton Aycliffe Youth and Community Centre. I believe we should support our young people, so a vote for Kane Shaw is a vote for the youth of the town who will also represent all of the people in the ward.
Kane is 22 and was educated at St John’s Comprehensive School Bishop Auckland.
To elect Kane would also be a tribute to the memory of the late and long serving Councillor, Cllr Brian Hall. Whilst there are two vacancies in the ward we in the Labour Party only submitted one, once again in memory of Cllr Brian Hall, you will also note the there is no Independent Candidate standing in this ward, who I understand was to pay tribute to the late Cllr. Brian Hall.
There is also a by-election in the Simpasture ward due to the death of Cllr Dave Hardaker. Once again a popular councillor and it is hoping that Simon Hocking will fill that post.
Vince Crosby