Business leaders from across the region have taken a terrifying leap of faith to help change their mindset.

More than 50 businesses took part in a motivational Monday morning session with Tom Cockerill, director of Cockerill & Co, who invited a number of guest speakers to the breakfast event at ROF 59.

Professional MMA fighter Lanchana Green, Mark Tonner a one-armed weightlifter, a former helicopter pilot Stu Davies and John Beamson, founder of adventure hiking tours company Robustours, were among those to give inspirational presentations.

But it was the surprise jump on a bungee rope from a ledge 19 metres in the air (same height as Angel of The North) which was the “highlight” of the event.

Tom Cockerill revealed the intention of the infamous fall from The Drop Zone was to take his guests out of their comfort zone, and also force them to face fears and re-evaluate their mindset for business, and everyday life.

Jumpers are usually taken to the top blindfolded as part of Tom’s course, they were spared that ordeal this time. Tom has completed the drop previously and admitted it has helped him overcome his fear of heights, and public speaking.

Cockerill and Co run make or break two-day residential courses for sales training, confidence and team building. And as the event at ROF 59 proved, they are not for the faint-hearted.

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