Waste recycling and sustainability firm, Warrens Group, is calling upon families and individuals to help in the fight against food waste and household waste in response to consumers turning to bulk and panic-buying due to the pandemic crisis.

Kevin Quigley, commercial director at Warrens Group, said: “People are turning to bulk-buying items that don’t have a long shelf life, and these items will ultimately end up as waste if they’re not cautious.

“If you’re worried and want to stock up, do so with long-life products such as tinned goods, food that can be frozen and dried products. We must all work together to limit the amount of waste ending up in our bins.

“Make a list before you hit the supermarket, and plan your meals in advance. Do you really need to stock up on all of those crisps, fresh greens and wet wipes?

“Consider the amount of plastic packaging that wraps your products, how eco-friendly they are (for example wet wipes are incredibly damaging to the environment) and how long your fresh goods will actually last.

“Not storing your food correctly can lead to more food being wasted. Separating foods that produce more ethylene gas from those that don’t is a great way to reduce food spoilage. Ethylene promotes ripening in foods such as bananas, avocados and tomatoes.

“In a time where we have to be considerate towards others, think twice before you pick up those extra packs of toilet rolls, soap and hand sanitiser. Don’t only consider the impact on other people, think about its impact on the environment too. Don’t waste food and try to recycle what you can.”