Earlier this week Stephenson Way Academy and Nursery School were treated to a fantastic performance of ‘The Hobbit’ from a travelling theatre company. M and M Theatrical Productions, who are currently touring schools in the North East, presented a wonderful abridged interpretation of JR Tolkien’s famous tale, which kept the pupils at Stephenson Way mesmerized on Monday afternoon.
‘I was scared when the dragon came on,’ said one year 4 pupil. ‘But I loved the show – especially the funny bits. I want to see it again.’
Currently, some year 5 and 6 pupils are studying the novel ‘The Hobbit’ as part of their curriculum, and were excited to make comparisons between the book and the performance. One year 6 boy was looking out to see how one character in particular would be portrayed. ‘I thought Gollum looked amazing – just how I imagined him to look from the book. Even his voice was creepy. I even forgot that it wasn’t really Gollum!’
The year 5 and 6 classroom has been transformed into all things ‘Hobbit’: illustrations, maps and extracts from the novel. There is even a cave where children’s work is displayed. One year 5 boy thought the novel was hard to understand to start with. ‘I couldn’t understand some of the words when we started, but I understand it now. I’m always looking forward to the next chapter.’
Pupils and staff at Stephenson Way Academy and Nursery School would like to thank M and M Theatrical Productions for a brilliant show, and everyone is very much looking forward to the same group coming back next year with a brand new production.