I am Brian Haigh, your Independent Candidate for Shafto and St Mary’s Ward.

I have lived in Newton Aycliffe since 1969, all within the St. Mary’s Ward, I have lived and worked in Newton Aycliffe and also have raised my family here. I am immensely proud of our town and how it has evolved into a pleasant place to live. I am standing as an alternative to the party system. I have been a town councillor as Independent, I have also served on the Sedgefield Borough Council for six years.

If I am elected, I will do my best to help everyone within my Ward and within Newton Aycliffe.

I will not be canvassing, or knocking on doors, due to the current situation with Covid-19, and ask anyone that wishes to see me elected to the Town and elected to the County Council, to please vote for me at the upcoming elections.

Brian Haigh

Your Independent Candidate for St Mary’s and Shafto Ward.