Dear Newtonians
I was so disappointed to see our MP Phil Wilson on the news supporting bombing Syria, which is only going to end in killing innocent citizens. There is no reason for us to risk sending out UK airplanes into this war, we are not going to make a difference in the war in Syria. If the French, USA and Russia cannot kill off IS, the UK is not going to be able to do it.
It is again politics and money not a sensible head going to war and risking our airmen, we all know it will not end at planes bombing and it will be troops on the ground before you know it.
I am sure if Phil Wilson asked the people he represents, the majority of people would say do not vote YES. But he decides on his own back to vote YES.
Bombing Syria is just going to give IS sympathisers in the UK the ammunition they need to attack more UK targets (like happened with the IRA in the past). We could quite easily be in the metro centre and be bombed, all because of this action now. IS always bomb when they are bombed, just like the IRA did all those years ago.
I have sent Phil Wilson many messages about this and guess how many he answered? None!
I ask everyone who voted for Phil Wilson in the last election to remember this and do not vote for him again in any election in the future as he is not interested in representing your opinion.
Ian Bussey

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