Dear Sir,
After reading the article in the Newton News about the grass cutting service for elderly residents – I find that I am not alone with this problem.
Three of my neighbours have lawns cut and two of those have people who could do it or have the money to pay for it to be done.
I too was also refused even though I am 70 years old and receive the benefit that would qualify me, I was told that because I have a son who lives within a 20 mile radius he would have to do it.
My son sufferes with arthritis and is registered blind. I have a large front garden and a very big back garden, I wish I was fit enough to do it myself, but I have back problems and osteoarthritis, so I can’t manage it.
The landlord just don’t seem to have any sympathy at all for its elderly tenants, in some gardens the grass is almost 2 feet high and on our pensions we can’t afford to pay people to do it.
Name and address supplied