Dear Sir,

Last week LibDem Cllr Mark Wilkes appeared in this paper for submitting a good motion to the County Council, asking the government to keep the £20 uplift in Universal Credit. It was a sensible motion because removing the uplift will take £50 million a year out of our local economy … out of the pockets of the very people most likely to spend it in local shops.

At the DCC Full Council meeting on Wednesday, however, he withdrew the motion; instead of a public debate and declaration by the whole Council, a letter will now be sent from the leaders of the Joint Administration. This, of course, had the effect of silencing all those Councillors who might have wished to say at the meeting what they thought of the government’s actions.

Anyone who knows the LibDems will recognise the tactic, make the big promise, get the positive publicity, take the credit … then quietly fail to deliver.

And everyone who remembers the LibDem/Tory coalition of 2010 will recognise the pattern – that the LibDems simply, supinely, prop up the Tories as they ravage our community.

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