Bethany House held an In-House Flower Festival on Wednesday 9th September and would like to share the above photograph with everybody.

The poppy arrangement is dedicated to our residents who have died this year “we will never forget you”. Families and friends you are always in our prayers.

Thank You Everybody

Residents living at Bethany House would like to say a huge thank you to the manager, Sue Foster, the whole staff team and Trinity Care Agency, for the care given and continued support they have received this year.

The staff team would like to take this opportunity and thank all the people who have kindly given us masks and gloves, when we struggled to get supplies. Also beautiful pictures from local schools, gifts, letters of hope, candles, cakes and sweets.

We thank the fire brigade for turning up and clapping with us key workers. The many singers and entertainers, Xcel church visitors, for giving up their precious time to see us all and Aycliffe Radio for the Memory Lane show broadcast weekdays 1-2pm.

I cannot name everyone but you all know who you are, we really appreciated everything and the kindness shown during the past months.

Everyone keep smiling and keep each other safe.