Celebratory Hugs and Parent Quotes for Year 1 at Sugar Hill

This week at Sugar Hill Primary, children across our whole school have shared this term’s learning with parents and carers in ‘Showcase Events’. Year 1 children shared their showcase with parents on Tuesday December 7th. The following quotes from parents and carers, who attended the event in school, says it all. This is their feedback to children and staff…
‘Wow! What superstars in Year 1. Beautiful singing and fantastic dance moves. Really impressed with the Africa work. It was lovely to see what you have been learning’. ‘Really super proud of my daughter and her friends for the project they have done. This project has helped fetched her confidence on. Thank you for the opportunity’. ‘This was awesome – well done Year 1. I loved the singing and dancing’. ‘I really enjoyed your African Showcase. Well done and keep up the good work. You even made me cry it was so amazing!’ ‘Well done to all Year 1. You all did a really amazing job. Lots of lovely singing and dancing’. ‘Well done boys and girls that was fantastic. You all did amazing singing and dancing. You have learned so much. Massive well done to everybody!’ ‘OUTSTANDING. Well done Year 1’. ‘Well done all you boys and girls and teachers of course. We definitely hope to see more of these in the future and thank you to Mrs O’Rourke for letting us see the showcase’. ‘You were all fab. A big well done! You were all little stars. I am so proud of you!’ ‘You were all superstars! Well done to you all, we loved watching your African Showcase’. ‘Brilliant showcase Year 1’. ‘Amazing job Year 1- the best showcase I have ever seen. Your hard work paid off’. ‘Fantastic show Year 1. Amazing to see how much you have learned about Africa’. ‘Fantastic work Year 1’. ‘Amazing work, so proud of all the children. They all worked so hard’. ‘Lovely dancing-well done!’ ‘Well done Year 1- your showcase was brilliant!’ ‘Well done Year 1- you were all amazing!’ ‘Absolutely fantastic work. Well done Year 1’. ‘A big well done to all the children. Absolutely outstanding. Even made me cry a little’. ‘I am so very proud of all the children. They did so well. It was amazing. Massive well done you were brilliant!’ ‘Well done everyone. Amazing singing and dancing. You should be very proud!’ ‘Absolutely fabulous! Very well done!’ ‘’The children did an amazing job. I can’t wait to come back and see some more work they learn about’. ‘So lovely to see the children in person and very well-orchestrated’. ‘Incredible performance! Thank you for all the hard work and commitment from the staff’. One dad summed up the showcase with these words- ‘Brilliant performance from everyone. Very evident that a lot of hard work and learning has gone into this for some time. Now I understand what all the ‘mini’ performances at home have been all about!’
Staff at Sugar Hill are overwhelmed with this feedback from parents and carers and so incredibly proud of all the children presenting their very first showcase to an audience.