Himalayan Balsam is a pretty pink flower which the bees love and can be found throughout many areas of Aycliffe.

However, this beauty hides a secret. If left to spread, it will out compete all native plant species causing a single stand of this invasive weed. As the plant is generally found along watercourses, the shallow root system can also result in unstable river banks and increase river erosion problems.

The plant is well established in Woodham Burn and Great Aycliffe Town Council have spent several years attempting to control it by pulling and cutting it before it goes to seed.

The Council are encouraging residents to come along and assist in controlling the plant during a public event on Wednesday 26th June between 4pm and 6pm.

Participants are encouraged to wear long sleeved tops and trousers and meet at the Town Park pavilion. Gloves and Instruction will be provided.

If you require more information please contact Great Aycliffe Town council on 01325 300700.