Dear Sir,

Myself and other residents of Simpasture/Moule Close/Walker Lane would like to know when the police or traffic wardens are going to do something about the illegal parking in this area. It’s getting so bad they are even parking on the grass and ruining the area with tyre marks.

Customers visiting the shops at Simpasture are parking whereever they like, even if it means parking on the grass verges and pavements.

I witnessed a lady in a wheelchair last week having to go onto the road to get past a wagon that had parked on the pavement at the junction of Moule Close.

It`s not just cars but Bin wagons, lorries delivering to the shops, livin and many others. We are totally tired of making these complaints, but nothing is getting done! It is going to take a serious accident to happen before someone takes action. Can’t the Council Highways Department place concrete bollards to stop people parking illegally and dangerously? Drivers coming out of Moule Close cannot see traffic coming either way along Simpasture Gate.

Annoyed Resident

name and address supplied