On Friday July 13th the newly installed President of The Rotary Club of Newton Aycliffe, Jon Bean, presented The Rotakids Charter to the 18 Committee Members of Sugar Hill School which are two representatives from each Junior School Class.

The aim of Rotakids is to provide young people age 12 and under with the opportunities to participate enthusiastically in active citizenship to improve the quality of life in their school, local and global communities.

As a result Rotakids can meet the following targets:

Develop long term citizenship and leadership skills through identifying and taking responsibilities for real life problems within their school, local and global communities

Learn the importance of respect, dignity and caring for all people by working together to build friendship teams and learning about the impact of their projects

Recognise the high achievement and effect of completed projects that improve quality of life for their school, local and global communities

Work with the sponsoring Rotary Club members as facilitators, mentors and role models

Rotakids take the following pledge: ‘As a Rotakid, I endeavour to be fair to all, to serve my community and to show respect for others

Working with The Rotary Club, Rotakids will come up with ideas such as fundraising money for charity, improving the environment, helping the elderly or helping children in another country. The Sky is the limit!

All pupils in school will be part of The Rotakids Family. In achieving their annual goals they are expected to have FUN too.

Their aim for 2018/19 will be to have one without profit challenge e.g. collecting old spectacles, telephones, ink cartridges, coins, stamps etc for related charities.

One enterprise project where they are given a sum of money from The Rotary Club (to be returned!) and they must think of the most enterprising way to make that money grow.

One project where they support an overseas charity e.g. helping provide clean drinking water, helping purchase anti mosquito nets, helping to purchase a Shelterbox for families whose homes have been destroyed in natural disasters.

The Rotary Club are most grateful to Mrs P O’ Rourke Headteacher for welcoming this initiative and to Mrs K Legge Deputy Headteacher, Mrs L Preece and Mrs J Forster Class teachers for their enthusiasm and support.

The citizens of Newton Aycliffe are used to seeing members of The Rotary Club supporting initiatives in town as well as collecting for many charities. Now you will see many of these supported by these delightful children. Look out for the emerald green Rotakids Shirts!

Town’s first Rotakids Committee with Rotary President Jon Bean and Rotarian Pat Pickersgill