Dear Sir,

Panic is setting in with our local Labour Party who are resorting to character assassination in an hysterical attempt to discredit other candidates in the upcoming election for the Woodham seat.

Aycliffe Rep Lies pops up as soon as the Labour party feels threatened. Presumably their next move will be to threaten the gassing of all who vote against them.

Let us be under no illusion, the current Labour Party has been hijacked by momentum, who are the very people rejected by the electorate at the recent general election and who refuse to learn the lessons from that exercise. Aycliffe people are, in my opinion, well-educated, sensible and informed. We reject brainwashing by those Labour politicians who always seem to think they have all the answers whilst attempting to browbeat others on social media.

Opposition representatives on our town council are derided for listening to debate rather than pushing political dogma in the chamber. Surely, we were given two ears and one mouth for a reason.

In a recent campaign whereupon livin wished to rehouse residents against their will in the Williamfield Way area, I recall that two INDEPENDENT councillors took up the baton to fight for the people while Labour Councillors either stood back or supported livin in their quest to demolish homes which had nothing wrong with them.

Labour continually put forward young candidates for the Town Council, yet these candidates are never seen in the public gallery of the council, observing and listening. I would also draw the public’s attention to the last young Labour Councillor who drew £1000 in allowances for attending one meeting of an hour’s duration. Then both resigning just prior to getting kicked off for 6 months non attendance

If the Labour Party wish to allow their members to write poisonous letters to the media, I would suggest that they drop Aycliffe from their name as not everyone in Newton Aycliffe wishes to be associated with such drivel.

Great Aycliffe Council is a progressive forum and would benefit from 30 independent minds working for the common good of its residents. Who cares what the beliefs are of individuals, as long as their focus is on our lovely town? Sadly, it appears this will not be achieved until party politics is eradicated.

Ken Robson