More Community Volunteers Required

Newton Press is pleased to announce another initiative, bringing a revised service to Aycliffe residents. With the help of other community- minded volunteers we are launching an on-line radio station for the town, “Aycliffe Radio“.

The station will work alongside Newton News, promoting all aspects of community life in and around Aycliffe including the Business Park and will involve many local residents, groups, schools and organisations.

The station will be run by Jack Hall and Paul Howarth, who are on the lookout for any person or group who wish to be involved, whether you are a budding DJ/journalist or local entertainer. We also would like to hear from you if you are a member of a local band or choir which could be pre-recorded to play on air. The outside broadcast team would also like to attend your event (where possible) and pre-record a session.

Aycliffe Radio is not a conventional FM or DAB station, it is an online radio station, which means that wherever you are in the world, you are able to log in and listen via our website. There is also an App available for mobile devices – you will just need to search for Aycliffe Radio on Apple Store or Google Play and install.

The website is purposely built to list local events; as well as details about our DJ’s/Presenters; contact details; downloadable podcasts from pre-recorded events, band and DJ sets. Requests can also be placed on the site and a weekly schedule is available so you can decide which shows/genre’s you would like to tune in to.

Greenfield Community College have offered the new station use of their broadcasting equipment for which we are very grateful as this will also allow us to use the funds to purchase items for the studio as well as licenses and software.

Special thank you to Honest John, who has donated funds to the station to help with our set up costs. Aycliffe Radio is a not-for-profit organization and has applied to be registered as a CIC (Community Interest Company). All those involved are volunteers, there are no shareholders, so any profits which are made will be placed back into the community towards music projects.

The Big Club has also offered the radio station a room to use as a studio. This was welcome news as this puts Aycliffe Radio right in the middle of the town. The organisers are keen for all clubs, pubs and venues to keep them up to date with their events so we can inform our listeners and website visitors. Community events will receive free publicity via these mediums.

For the station to be successful we need the support of the local community, schools, groups, bands, businesses and residents. The station has already received offers of help from DJs/Presenters: Paul Gittins, Jack Hall (Biff Bang Pow Promote), Gary Avery (Inaspin Disco/Prof. Nincompoop); as well as volunteer Stephen Gosnay and local entertainer Neville Jones – but we require more volunteers; to be a presenter, DJ, sit on the CIC board or help out in any other capacity – please get in touch (details below).

Aycliffe Radio do not want to leave local businesses out of the equation; not only do we require sponsors and advertisers; we also want to know about any event you are planning, milestone celebrations, new business ventures or job vacancies – talk to Aycliffe Radio, we are keen to help.

To contact Aycliffe Radio direct, talk to Jack Hall: 07535 438466 or email – Paul can be contacted on 01325 300212 (office hours) or email

Pictured: On 1st May 1978 Prince Charles opened the Oakleaf Sports Complex and he was interviewed by Harry Rowell who ran the first Aycliffe Radio which didn’t survive.