Dear Sir,
Please could I introduce our new Aycliffe Nature Park Committee which will be working in close co-ordination with Steve Cooper the Works and Environmental Manager of Newton Aycliffe Town Council who will be assisting us in any way he can.
The Police will also be notified of our aims and their involvement with regular checks and advice on security, anti social behaviour and general vandalism will be high priority.
I would like local people to know of our existence and what our aims and agenda actually are.
The Pond on the old Munitions Site on the Aycliffe Way has been neglected for too long and requires some TLC and assistance, returning it back to its former glory.
The Town Council have very kindly offered to provide us with Top Soil and Plants to start us off improving the site. Funding for a Security Camera has been discussed, and is a strong possibility to help us protect the environment, including the Greater Crested Newts, Fish and any Wild Life using that area. A Pond clear out is to be organised and regular meetings, and hopefully guest speakers, will be asked to attend future meetings to speak about our Wildlife, Pondlife and Flora and Fauna.
If anyone would like to become involved in assisting us with our project, it would be very much appreciated as the more people that help the better and safer the area will become.
Consideration for a BBQ and outdoor events and adventures are to be encouraged for young people is also something we would like to facilitate in the future.
Everyone is welcome and our Secretary Sue can be contacted on : 07896 786338 to find out more.
Thank you for your interest.
Clive Taylor
(Committee Member)