Dear Sir,
On a blustery Wednesday evening an enthusiastic team of volunteers gathered to plant bulbs in our magnificent West Park. Acle Scouts and Cubs, members of the Friends of West Park, Representatives of the Youth Council and the public turned out to plant Daffodil, Bluebell and Snowdrop bulbs in an inspirational demonstration of how everyone can improve the environment of our town and get a little fresh air and exercise at the same time.
For a little while the chattering of excited voices broke into a tranquil scene carried on the breeze, interspersed by instructions by Town Council Environmental Officer Steve Cooper.
The children worked industriously digging holes and planting bulbs. The fruits of the labour sown by these volunteers will be evident for years to come and enjoyed by thousands.
The legacy of enterprises such as this will be remembered in later years as these volunteers point to the display of flora and fauna and proudly proclaim to parents and friends “I helped to create that scene”.
Ken Robson Chairman of “Friends of West Park”, commented “This community spirit is what makes Newton Aycliffe a great place to live and work, we have a town to be proud of and a bright future as a community.”
As other people and organisations come forward to get involved and invest in our town it is hoped that people of vision will continue to make decisions which help us continually improve our living environment.
Over the years Newton Aycliffe has been home to many companies who were household names and have now unfortunately been consigned to memories.
Who of us remember GEC, Underground Mining, Wilds, Woodhead and many more high profile organisations? Wouldn’t it be great if current companies left a legacy to our town which was long lasting and a testament to their work as employers and friends to Newton Aycliffe?
Sponsorship of flowerbeds, artistic structures such as the memorial to the Aycliffe Angels to be found at Ineos Ltd. and St Clare’s Church containing a plaque or some other commemorative label would ensure that their names continue in folklore.
Perhaps residents too could sponsor seating or trees in memory of loved ones in our parks or favourite places.
Feeling confident of the future is one of the most understated pleasures of life and it is my belief that we have more reason than most to be confident.
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